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Sillky Base UV LaQ 12ml
Sillky Base UV LaQ 12ml Sillky Base UV LaQ 12ml

Sillky Base UV LaQ 12ml

SPN Nails


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SILKY BASE is a new revolutionary vitamin base. It is super hard loaded with nylon fibres, vitamins and calcium. Strengthens weak and brittle nails, aligns imperfections and creates a strong layer resistant to breakage and mechanical damages.  It has thick consistency and it is self levelling so it does not run over the cuticle. You can extend the nail by 6-8mm on the form as the base acts as a hard gel. It extends the life manicure, eliminates the risk of lifting or chipping even on long nails. It can be used for hybrid manicure, under gels or acrylogel or on its own for natural manicure effect. 


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